I have always expressed a keen interest and fascination with networking. My first computer network was an ad-hoc wireless link between two Windows 98 PCs using USB adapters – it allowed me to learn how to share files, folders and peripherals on a network and formed the basis on which I learned to develop networking software using sockets. Using Visual Basic 6 I developed programs such as client/server chat software and a computer monitor program (allowing me to see on my screen whether a machine on the network was switched on). My network later expanded to a small server running Windows Server 2003 which was used to share the household dial-up internet connection, serve as an anti-virus server for all machines and host files and websites I was working on.

My current home network consists of multiple computers running via wifi, two iPhones (4S and 5S) and an iPad Air, gaming consoles, printers, Y-cam cameras, TV equipment, a NAS drive, a Raspberry Pi serving as a VPN server and a headless VirtualBox server running various test and production machines. I also have a FreePBX/Asterisk phone system installed on a virtual machine.

In work environments I have been responsible for the running and maintenance of various computer networks and have worked with Active Directory for network authentication. I have assisted in the running of a network comprising of more than 600 computers, 600 phones and 30 servers as well as setting up a small company network from scratch with a mixture of Windows and Mac.

I have experience in working with Toshiba’s CTX phone system, and maintaining Mitel’s 5000CP phone system along with a good understanding of trunking, ACD call queueing, call routing, hunt groups, extensions, agents and much more. I am currently applying this knowledge to experimenting with my own Asterisk server.

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