Management and Leadership

Frontier Developments – June 2014 to present

After 11 months as a full server developer working on PC, Mac and Xbox game Elite Dangerous I received a promotion to Lead Web Developer. In that time I have managed several projects from start to finish, including the preparation for and launch of the Elite Dangerous: Horizons announcements, platform element of the Elite Dangerous: Horizons game release and infrastructure for Black Friday 2015.

My responsibilities in the role include:

  • Overseeing development of various projects.
  • Agree work schedules for developers and projects with production and management.
  • Actively engage in development of all aspects of the web team, including working with Magento, osTicket and Drupal. Mentor other developers and ensure work is being completed as required and as per designated sprints in the Agile environment.
  • Work closely with various people in the company including graphic design, marketing, management and directors.
  • Staffing management – conducting interviews, training, team meetings, personal progression, etc

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