I have worked within web and software development since 2004. I began life as an IT Technician working for Adrian Flux Insurance Services, but additionally writing software for their in-house systems. I then went on to join their programming team, where I not only continued to contribute to development of various in-house systems but took on the development and management of their websites.

April 2010 saw me move to Maze Media, where I led the development team as Senior Developer. I continued to manage the web infrastructure and websites for Adrian Flux while also working with other clients and gaining valuable skills to further various aspects, from server management, team leadership and project management, through to learning new technologies and techniques of working which not only enhanced my understanding of software but also improved my code quality and abilities.

A short stint as a Senior Software Engineer with e4education propelled my understanding of software structure and more technologies, including the leap into NoSQL using MongoDB. Being a massive fan of MySQL and other RDBMS platforms, MongoDB isn’t something I would use primarily, but I can see situations where it would be better suited and I would certainly consider it when it came to those. Situations such as data logging are perfect for NoSQL.

In July 2014 I started a new role as a server developer at Frontier Developments in Cambridge, working on the high-availability online environment for the Elite: Dangerous game. After many months’ hard work and commitment to Elite: Dangerous I was made Acting Lead Web Developer at Frontier Developments in February 2015 and further promoted to Lead Web Developer in June 2015. I was responsible for a team of 5 developers and responsible for the ongoing development of Frontier’s group of websites, supporting Frontier’s games at a platform level and providing developmental support to all aspects of the business – including marketing, customer support, QA and management.

I moved on from Frontier, completing a short 4-month stint at pet product innovator SureFlap, before setting up as a full-time freelancer working out of my home office.

A 31 year old technology geek, living with my wife, fourĀ children and two cats. This lovely family bundle resides in Bottisham, a village halfway between Cambridge and Newmarket. I was born in South West Wales, moved around a lot when I was younger before settling down in Norfolk. I met Holly in 2008, we became engaged in 2010 and married August 27th 2011.

When not working I’m often found playing with my children, flying my DJI Phantom 4 drone, karting, reading (albeit rarely) or doing something music-related. I’m a massive music fan and am building my own recording studio complete with drums, electric/bass/acoustic guitars and keyboard. You can check out my covers and other recordings on YouTube.

I’m not very good at DIY although I am getting better. I prefer electronics to drills and saws and other power tools, and my house is full of gadgets and wires – I don’t know how my family put up with me! Talking about electronics I’ve resurrected my teenage interest in wires and soldering irons and am now looking to work on some interesting electronics projects in the hope I can learn more and build some fun and interesting pieces!

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