An exciting announcement

WARNING: This post is full of soppy, sentimental content. You have been warned!

Today was a very exciting day for both me and my wife.

My beautiful wife is currently 20 weeks pregnant, and today we went off to hospital for her scan. Those things are really quite amazing – they take your breath away in an instant when you’re sat there looking at your unborn child moving around, its little legs curled up and its hands waving around. The way you can see your baby’s heart beating, and the way the sonographer can actually tell body what is what. I know they’re trained to do that, but they move along at such a pace.

To think that in just over 4 months I’m going to be holding our developing baby in my arms. Those scans are just one amazing way of bonding with your baby in one way or another, even though it hasn’t actually arrived yet.

As it was the 20 week scan, we were asked if we wanted to know the gender. It’s something we have been waiting so long for, and of course we said yes. We were hopeful for a girl, and had gut feelings it was a girl – but if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be bothered. As long as it’s healthy.

“It’s a girl,” said the sonographer. Big smiles all around 🙂

I’m sat here 9 hours on, and still don’t think it’s quite sunk in that we’re having a girl. We already have a name for her, and I’m really, really looking forward to seeing her next year.

Roll on March 2014.

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