My first potential PR opportunity

Today I received an email with a rather interesting start:

I know you have recently been emailing Xenios, our CEO. I wondered if you’d be interested in being a case study.

I’ve been a member of a site called PeoplePerHour for quite some time as both a “buyer” and a “seller”. It took a while to win any work on there, but I’ve been able to win a few small coding jobs recently and am building up a portfolio – regardless of whether most of the jobs I’ve won are small slide-and-code-email jobs, they’re still jobs.

So these case studies get posted to their blog, which is great in itself. With over 300,000 service providers on the site that’s a hell of a lot of exposure! They also posted a couple of links to news articles where case studies have been used, including one from the Daily Express online. Incredible exposure!

I told Holly I wanted some kind of media exposure by the end of 2015 after seeing Twitter contacts getting interviews in .Net Magazine, but didn’t expect the opportunity to arise so soon!

Obviously I said yes, so am now awaiting a question set from them to complete and send back. Very excited by this prospect!

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