Holly’s Jewels letterhead design

As part of the ongoing campaign to propel my wife’s startup to success, I have finally been able to put together a letterhead design for Holly’s Jewels. I’ve applied the programmer’s analogy KISS here (Keep It Simple, Stupid) – so you won’t see any fancy clipart or jewellery photographs here.

Letterhead design for Holly's Jewels
Letterhead design for Holly’s Jewels

I’ve also opted for a little branding appearance change since the branding used on the leaflets won’t work here – rather than a swooshy purple line dividing the white/deep purple backgrounds, I’m now using a simple double-vertical line in the purple and blue colours the logo uses for the vital contact details. The purple line is wider than the blue, replicating the font size differences between the two colours in the logo. I think it will be interesting to see how that will work on literature footers, and whether I might have to rethink the swoosh entirely – although I still want a divider between literature content and contact details.

This has been designed for the sole purpose of using the letterhead as pre-printed stock, rather than writing letters on a letterhead template in Word, and it should also help to keep overall printing costs down as letter contents can be printed on a mono laser printer, rather than having to put the whole document through an inkjet.

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