Have you seen Holly’s Jewels?

As wonderful as my wife is, nothing could have prepared me for the announcement she made just under two weeks ago. For those of you now frantically trying to guess, no she isn’t pregnant (I get asked that every time some new “announcment” is made). Stop trying to guess and just carry on reading!

“I want to make and sell jewellery,” she said. My first thought was, “that’s brilliant, something she’ll enjoy doing and she can earn a bit of extra money too!” I quickly realised, though, that I may as well forget sleep – this is a full blown startup and I know from previous experience, startups require plenty of hours and dedication to get it up and running. She decided to call it, Holly’s Jewels.

She’s doing really well though – less than two weeks in and there are already more than 50 followers on the Holly’s Jewels Facebook page, nearly 20 followers on her Twitter account, a contract with Best Laid Plans in Bradford-on-Avon to have some of her work in their shop, some orders already placed and shipped out of the door and two placements at local fundraising events, where she will be donating 20% of money made to Bottisham’s Queen’s Court Care Home Comfort Fund, which they use to lay on various trips for their residents.

It’s been an incredible two weeks – my photography skills have been put to good use and I’ve finally learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop properly, as I spent most of yesterday putting together a leaflet and business card design for her which will be going to Leap2Print for printing shortly.

In helping set this up for her, I would appreciate as much support as you wish to provide – let people know about Holly’s Jewels on Facebook and Twitter and get the name out there. We’ve already had so much support from people who absolutely love her work but the more the merrier, as they say!

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